A wee slip of the finger

Just stumbled across the message drafts folder on my mobile, and found the content pretty amusing. Its weird though cause I can’t find the right context for some of them, I must have been havering jibberish, bashing my chubby fingers off the phone.

Anonymous – Shephers pie for dinner…..yum! well it is

Anonymous – Yip, I called by accident, sorry x

Laura Wilson – Holy crap

Debbie – Woo

Sammy – Has John done

Sage New – Good good. I’m shattered going to bed

Carlo – Noice wan. Will catch ye then then abou

Dom – Sorry dife

Dom – I

Abe – Homeslice u

Michelle – Oiled,z

Abe – Sucks

Scottie Azulinho Blue – P

Roo Star – Hey up lad. Just turned phone on. I’m in

Carlo –

Anoymous – Howdy doody! How about next tues nig

Omar – 3W

Marco – I’m really glad everything worked out

Keith – Shit.U

Laura Loops – Al

Vanya – P

Charlie G New – I’m here all night xp

Ricardo P’d’oliviera –

Anonymous – Na, still in garage. Thats good that

LauraL00ps – Yip, do u want cigaretted? Its dead quiet

Michelle: If y

Sage New – Unless

John Jo – Ate, but I just net

Sammy – Gallus! You snoo

Robbie – Dinnae worry boot it! te he 😦

Anonymous – Sorry its late, but thanks for the number

Marco – Qc

Laural00ps – I’m heading down to Marcos at 5 for

Paula Mc – We’re in Lidic

Laural00ps – Yip

Carmen – H

Sage New – I vs

Vanessa –


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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