500 words about a personal experience with no I’s….

The thing that got to me the most about the whole mix up was the look on everyone’s face as the parade was forming. Imagine the scene if you will, eighteen different acts all lined up showcasing their hours of hard work in flamboyant costumes. Bright colours everywhere. Sparkling ribbons, sun-reflecting eye-catching sequins, peacock eyes, feathers, colour; everywhere.There was a buzz of excitement hanging in the air. Actually listening to the air revealed a mish mash of carnival music; upon closer inspection with a finely tuned ear you would discover that several songs were being played at once, although not in unison and all completely different. There was a look of excitement on the performers’ faces. Looking in any direction would uncover a smiling face. The smiles were everywhere. Everywhere except on us.

Personally for me it was initially one of the most disheartening experiences of my life. The emails sent back and forth between me and the organisers. The time spent on agreeing the costumes; the money spent acquiring the costumes. The struggle to ensure everyone arrived there on time. Not only on time – for the first time in our two year existence we were actually early.

It was plain to see that a few members of the band thought it was some sort of joke, perhaps all of the organising claimed to have been happening hadn’t actually happened at all. This was my time to feel responsible.

The emails had been sent. The fee had been agreed. The confirmation email arrived stating where we had to be and when. Infact everything was in order and as it should be. Without meaning to pass blame, the blame actually should fall upon the organisers; not me. According to the rules of logic in my head that is not passing blame. Credit where credit is due. Acceptance of responsibility when that is also due.

After speaking with the rest of the band it was agreed that we should go and find another area of the park to play in. Looking back it doesn’t seem that bad now. The parade went on their merry way, minus a samba band that couldn’t fit in for logistical reasons. On a brighter note when the parade had finished we had our own part of the park secured. Not only that, it was a damn good location in the park too!

Looking around our audience uncovered lots of friendly faces, some familiar, some not. Everyone looked happy and it always makes me smile to see how much people enjoying listening to us. People-watching is one of my favourite pastimes, especially looking at the rest of the band when we’re playing. The smiles were back on their faces and for me although we didn’t play in the parade it was still definitely one of my best days of the year so far.

If you ask me it doesn’t get better than sun, fun, friends and samba. Although perhaps playing in the parade might have sweetened the deal.


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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