Ten Things…

Ten things that……

I Love

·         Feline Friends
·         Family and Friends
·         Multi coloured things
·         Music (Samba is pretty cool….although I dont love it as much now Kings of Macumba are no more…)
·         People watching
·         Talking about the wonders of EVERYTHING with my friends (including bitching)
·         Pillow talk
·         Trying new things
·         Partying
·         Good tin openers
·         Pepper

I Hate

·         People leaving window handles up when windows are open
·         Cold-sores
·         Lying
·         Rude people
·         Contestants on ‘The Weakest Link’ who say, ‘I think it’s unfair I was voted off, I clearly wasn’t the weakest link’
·         Mushrooms
·         Spiders
·         My boss doing ‘pregnant pauses’ on the phone to me
·         Failing miserably in front of people
·         Being told what to do when I know the instruction is wrong

I am Scared of…

·         Spiders
·         Occassionally, driving by myself in the dark
·         Failing miserably in front of people
·         Trying things in front of people in case I make a tit of myself
·         Being stuck in my job forever
·         My friends realising that I’m a shit friend and dumping me
·         Being on a raft in the sea with a massive boat about to pass by
·         Never having any kids
·         Confrontation
·         Discovering a dead or dying person

About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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2 Responses to Ten Things…

  1. Michelle says:

    Maaaybee, you should do a first aid course, the proper full one.. and then if you find a dead or dying person, or anyone who is hurt you can help them out or just make them comfortable. I really enjoyed my course and feel good that I know how to deal with choking folk and serious wounds.. although only if no one else is helping cause i'd also be well scared to take the floor if someone else was capable!

    And naebodys going to realise you're a shit friend cause yer not!! Not to anyone I know about anyway..

    Ciao Chum x

  2. Miss LT says:

    I've completed my first response training…. and i think under extreme circumstances I could step up to the mark…. but it still freaks me out :/

    Thanks for the interaction Homie-O!! x

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