My last night in G’hill.

Tonight is the last night in Chateaux De La LT.

Honestly? I’m pretty sad to be leaving it. I love my gaff! Out of all of the houses I’ve had since leaving home, this has been the only one that I have truly felt at home in. Owning it probably has something to do with it, I took a great deal of satisfaction in basquing in the glory that was my home once I had cleaned and tidied, and I loved how it looked when it was like this, unfortunately it didnt last very long. I’m quite messy!

I’ll be happy  to get moved though. I love Love LOVE unpacking and finding new homes for things, and just admiring the amount of crap that I have acquired over the years. It will be interesting to place my much loved ‘things’ all over the place and slowly establish a new home. I hope this works ok though, I need to remember that Schmerc will be stamping his personality about the place too…..

I stayed at the new place last night, and i had an AWESOME sleep. My bed goes well in the new room, its newly decorated and so far devoid of clutter (wont last!). To  top it all off I woke up to glorious sunshine, and it has been a fantastically gorgeous day ALL day! Cue the instant happiness!

I wont have any time for weekend posting, so I guess I’ll catch you next week. If anyone is in Paisley town and wants to lend a hand o’er the weekend – come on in!

If not, ciao!! For now.

LT x

p.s The picture above of one of the cats ‘helping’ me paint. Grrrrr!!


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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