Sunny days and wind turbines

The weekend is over and I’m glad to say the move went well. Lets talk about that another time though, more interesting things happened over the weekend. The sun was shining constantly!! Erm, thats it. Thats the more interesting ‘things’ that happened. It was awesome.

I went for a wee day trip with my homie-o, LW on Sunday. Fresh air and friendship is good for the soul.

Here is a view of the sea. I love the sea! The sun was out, and it was a lovely day, but it wasnt all clear blue skies. Some parts looked a bit muggy, while others looked BLUE.

This is LW hanging out of a gurret on the beach. Is it a gurret? Maybe its a turret? Hmm. I dont know. I will check this out once I have finished the post.
We left the beach and headed for the hills. We stopped off at a wind farm near Largs and took a wee daunder up to check them out close up.
I found it really eery approaching the wind turbines. I cant explain it, I get the same feeling when I walk near a huge electricity transmitter. I get overwhelmed by the size of the thing, and I have an odd feeling inside.

The closer we got to the turbines the more freaked out I was. I was actually scared. Proper, poop my pants kind of scared. I managed to get about 5 metres to it and laydown looking up. Phew! The wooshing noise of the blades rotating was strangley calming, yet it was still weird. LW went right up to the base of the monstrosity and hugged it. Grr, this meant that I had to get closer too.

Fear! 100% unjustified fear!

The blades are so high, they are NOT going to touch me. I know this. I KNOW THIS!! Yet, every time one came round I ducked!

We didnt stay long, we admired the view for a few minutes and promptly left – I had the same feeling that I get when I spend more than 5 minutes in a graveyard. A ‘lets get the f00k outta here’ kind of feeling. Weirdo!

The drive back was nice, we had some good old fine girly chat on the go and the windows were down letting the spring air brush past us.

We stopped once more for another view over Largs. Check it out:


The world is beautiful, and life is sweet. As a mutha funking nut.

LT x


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30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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