The CATastrophe

Last Thursday night I was watching ‘Paul‘ with Schmerc and Galdo, when I realised that my wee-est cat, Luna, was no longer sitting on the outside window ledge. My new gaff is 4 stories high, so I was ever so slightly worried. I leaned out of the window and rattled her brekkie box, but nope, still no Luna. This almost undoubtedly proved to me that she wasnt playing further up the roof.

I ventured out and walked round to the High Street with Galdo (the entrance to my house is at the back). I have to admit at this stage I was pretrified that I would find a ‘splatted’ cat. I’m not sure if Galdo was aware of how uneasy I felt and he was and he was just chatting incessantly to make me feel better, or he was just chatting. Anyhoo, I looked up a long shop door way and there she was, gorgeous wee Luna cowering next to the door.

So. She fell off the ledge and landed on the High Street and crawled to shelter in a doorway. Poor wee  cat! She is alive, thankfully, but she did acquire an ‘extra hole’ somehow. This is beside her other ones, but its been torn right into her muscle. I think she hit a ‘To Let’ sign on the way down that caught her bum. Owww, even typing that makes me shudder. POOR WEE LASS. On a plus note though, I think that the sign (or whatever it was) reduced her speed, and therefore the overall impact of the fall.

My living room window (the one she fell from) is the left top window in the goup of three. The middle window is my new ‘Doing Stuff’ room, an dthe right one is our bedroom. I found Luna underneath the blue sign, as that particular shop front has a long entereance, so she was about 2 metres out of the road of the High Street. Scary biscuits though!

She has been back in for a check up, and the vet said she is doing well. Lucky she didnt harm her reproductive bits, or other delicate features. Her stitches will be removed next Monday.
I know cats are supposed to have 9 nine lives, I think that she has used up 8!
For an unlucky thing to happen, she has been very lucky. And for that luckiness I am very thankful, albeit £215 less wealthy.
LT x

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30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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