30 day shred!

I’m going to try the highly acclaimed ’30 Day Shred’ programme – and see how I get on. This means that for 30 days I definitely have to do the training video for half an hour.

Sounds easy enough…..

I wont bore you with a post about it every day, but I will check in every week to let you know how I’m getting on. And confirm if I am actually still doing it.

Come on Lisa!! You CAN do it!!!!


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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One Response to 30 day shred!

  1. Miss LT says:

    Yesterday was Day 1 – I failed miserably at getting up early. I considered putting day 1 back to today, but I talked myself out of it and completed the work out before dinner. Its only 20 minutes – this seems like a good time for me to do it. Day 1 = Success!!

    I measured my vital statistics today. ooft. I'll post them in 29 days….

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