Sunny days and Campervanning

Hello everybody!

It is with a light, happy heart that I write this post today. Why so happy? I recharged and invigorated my soul with a good old healthy dose of the outdoors. Lets face it – the summer so far in Scotland has been bleak, dreicht and dreary. MP and I decided to go a wee trip in his dads camper van for the weekend, fully anticipating a couple of days of being couped up inside it playing cards and scrabble. I brought my crochet bag along for the ride, and Schmercy brought his college stuff for studying.

Imagine my delight as we drove up past Inverary and the most amazing thing happened – the sun came out! Not just a wee poke from behind a cloud, but properly, up in the sky, shining bright OUT! Awesome!

We travelled through the beautiful countryside of Argyll, where I noticed that most of the village names also start with an ‘A’, and made our way down to Machrahanish Bay. We were feeling so good and happy, we even picked up 2 hitch hikers in Lochgilphead and took them to Campbeltown. The waves weren’t that big in Machrahanish, but it was still good fun out on the boogie boards.
MP was pretty good at it. I wasn’t so good. I didn’t really ride any waves. I jumped on the boogie board as a wave crest landed, propelling me forward an average distance of around a metre, then bobbed about while more waves rolled over me.
After we dried off and had some dinner we visited another beach and spent the evening with our eyes to the sand admiring all of the stones. The sun was still shining but it was quite windy – definitely blew away any cobwebs that might have been lurking!
The sky was awesome. The night was awesome. Our first night sleep in the camper van was awesome. MP probably thought that beating me loads of times at ‘Switch’ was awesome šŸ˜‰
The next day we went to a small beach in Southend, the rock at the end of the Bay is Dunaverty Rock and signifies the end of the Kintyre way.

I love the photo of the wetsuits! We changed as soon as we parked up in Southend and ran into the sea… holy moly!! It was fr-fr-freezing! So much more colder than Machrahanish, even the wetsuits couldn’t keep us warm enough for a swim. So, we came out and dried off and walked along the beach to Dunaverty Rock.

This is the view from the ‘Rock’. (Its really a grassy mound). Our camper van is 6 caravans in from the left hand side. You cant see it though, I wonder if you tried?
What a tip top weekend of mucho brawness. No rain, except for a few drops on the journey back. Our journey back wasn’t home to Paisley, we were going to a wedding at Lochgoilhead on Monday afternoon, so we had a separate adventureĀ that morning as we left the campsite late, dilly-dallied about for breakfast in Campbeltown, and then made a mad dash to get to where we going with no sat nav and time against us!
We made it! Yaldi! And guess what? The sun was shining for the wedding too.
Photos of that adventure to follow….
Ciao for now,
LT xx

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30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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