My Upcoming Birthday….

I’m turning 30 on Saturday, and I’m having a party. eeeeek!

The party was a good idea in January as I really wanted to go to a 50’s rock and roll themed party, dance to some good music and wear a pretty frock. So I put the ball in motion. I decided I would be the host, and I basically talked about it from then on in.

Miss LT's super dooper 50's rock and roll party inviteSuddenly, a few weeks ago, I realised I hadn’t actually planned anything for the event. I have been busy organising decorations (some bought, some home made), invites, the dj, cutlery, etc . I have also been getting worried at the fact that I’m hosting my own party! I feel weird about this, is it up your own ass to organise a party for yourself?

My original thinking was that I wanted to host a party for everyone I love, and to fit in with this I chose a venue where its BYOB so my guests don’t have to spend any money.

Its only 3 days away, and I now have ‘The Fear!!’

I’m excited about the following things:

  • Wearing a gorgeous dress handmade by my wonderfully talented friend
  • Admiring the dresses my friends are wearing
  • Partying with my homies and my family together
  • Listening to some gallus music

I’m nervous about the following things:

  • Wearing a gorgeous dress handmade by my wonderfully talented friend
  • Partying with my homies and my family together
  • The buffet being a shambles
  • The possibility of having to make a speech
  • Ensuring everyone has a good time
  • Receiving gifts

Birthdays are birthdays, and I’m not too fussed about presents. I’ve never been a big fan of receiving presents, I’m quite awkward about it. While I like the end result of having more things….  I definitely do feel quite uncomfortable opening presents in front of people.

I have had two bday gifts already, from people at work. I hope they didn’t feel obliged to buy me a present because they are invited on Saturday… as that’s not why I’m having a party!!!

Gift 1 – 6 phone covers, a usb cable, a music transfer cable and in-car charger from JG. Very thoughtful, as I ALWAYS use his cable to charge my phone mid-afternoon!

Gift 2– A wooden box from the Fair Trade Shop from DR.  Check this out:

Cat Box 1Cat box 2

Cat 3

Cat Box 5Cat 4


It’s cool. It’s a cat. It’s a box. It’s made of wood. It’s a mini puzzle.


It took me a few minutes to figure out how to open it.

I’ll show you the party photo’s on Monday.

I’m sure it’s all going to be groooooovy.

EEK! 🙂

LT x


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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