Celestron 114 Telescope – My new baby

Yeah! Woo! Awesome! Fandiddlytastic!

If you have been a follower of my blog for a while you will know that one of the things that I love the most about Paisley is… Coats Observatory. It’s situated in a lovely wee area called Oakshaw, that is simply delightful. If I was going to move house in Paisley it would definitely be to Oakshaw… 2 minutes from the town but a small oasis of calm, with lovely luscious trees. And of course – the Observatory!!

Ha ha – awesome! I just Google searched ‘Coats Observatory Paisley’ and the first result was a previous blog post from me!! Saying how I can’t believe it doesn’t have its own website! Being the very first post in Page 1 on Google is an AMAZING feat, its something I strive to do every day with  my work website – and fail miserably! I guess that’s testament to how under promoted the Observatory actually is. Here is a link to explain more about the Observatory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coats_Observatory This was the 2nd search result.

Every winter I go to the Observatory a few times, it’s simply fantastic. It can get quite busy, but that’s because its free and the staff are really friendly and accommodating – it really is a great resource for people with all levels of interest in the night sky. This winter will be no different, I will still go a couple of times. I’m going to speak to the main man there and ask for advice as I’m now the proud owner of …. MY VERY OWN TELESCOPE!!

Take a look at my new baby:

Celestron 114 Telescope

I set it up last night, although it appears I still have a lot of things to set up to make it work properly.

I need to set the DEC , R.A and Equilateral settings so that I can align it properly.

I need to find out what Declination and Right Ascension actually mean.

EEK!! Its exciting!  I’ve already found a few useful blogs that I’m going to enjoy reading to swot up on it all.

I’ve always loved looking towards the night sky, mostly because I think it’s so beautiful. It’s about time I actually turned this interest into something more useful and acquired some REAL knowledge.

I have a feeling that its going to be a gooooood winter 🙂

LT x

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2 Responses to Celestron 114 Telescope – My new baby

  1. Naama Vered says:

    good read, thank you

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