Woolly pals and plant life

I have no idea why I like using double-barreled Post Titles. I guess it does what it says on the tin, that is states what the post IS about… and it stops me having to use my brain to come up with something witty. I’d still be at the heading if that was the case!

Our boiler broke on Sunday morning and our house was fr-fr-freezing! No hot water, and no central heating. We have no double glazing and the flat is huge, so it really was quite grim. Especially as someone was supposed to come out to fix it yesterday, but somehow, someone at the unmentioned company had marked the job as ‘complete’. It definitely wasnt complete!

Anyhoo, Marco had  his band practice last night, so I finished off a couple of Crobots in the living room with a single electric heater ‘blasting’ out miniscule amounts of warmth… and here are the finished dudes:

Crobots and dead flowersThe one with the rectangular head is a real one, from a pattern.

I free-styled the one on the right. Yeah, I know he looks a bit mental. In my head, it was going  to work out so well.

I love them both none the less.

I had to reinstall Instagram to take this picture as it kept freezing when I used my phones front (main) camera. I tested it with the back camera and took this picture of me:

Me, perplexedI like this picture of me. It kind of looks like I’m posing, but I wasn’t really.

That’s more of a concentrating on getting the phone to work properly kind of face.

Anyhoo, I like it.

I thought I’d take more pictures of things in my living room as I’d finished the Crobots, and well, I was bored and it just seemed like a good idea.

This is a picture of some flowers I received from the brownies last week for my last night volunteering. As you can see, the roses are dying. Some would maybe say Dead? I think they still look beautiful… and they will remain in my living room until the water starts to smell like a dirty gold-fish bowl.

I’ve tried several times to upload this photo properly, but it keeps going askew. Weird.

Marco bought me the Singing Bowl, its great. The stones were taken from one of the beaches mentioned on another post:  ‘Sunny Days and Campervanning’.

Close up rosesHere is a photo of the roses close up – check out the delicate colours. I’m not really a massive fan of roses, but these have certainly done a great job of brightening up the living room – especially last night when it was bleak and cold.

I never realised that dead roses can be so warm.

I love how crumpled they look. Almost crunch-able.

Peace LilyThe plant on the left is a Peace Lily. Sometimes known as a Friendship Lily. I’ve had it for YEARS. This is the first time its flowered in two years, I think. It must be happy, and this makes me happy 🙂

Although after taking this photo I realise that I really need to clean the leaves and dust the poor little fella.

I took a photo of Marco looking like a very Happy Chappy after our boiler was fixed this morning.. but it keeps uploading on here the wrong way. I’ve spent ages trying to fix it, but it’s just not playing ball. Ah well. I’ll describe it instead: Marco, in front of the boiler, with thumbs up, sporting a big massive cheesy smile on his face. I was smiling too.

So, there you have it. A random post about not very much at all. thanks for getting this far.

LOVE! from the LT x

About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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