Looks like we made it! KoM Clubbing it.

KOM – 2008/9

The word spread throughout Glasgow and the surrounding area and Kings of Macumba were invited to play at all sorts of events, with a few club nights including:

Loco Bloco, Club 69, Paisley

Breakcore Extravanganza, Sound Haus, Glasgow:

Twisted Wheel, Glasgow

Chakra, Sound Haus, Glasgow,

Blackfriars, Glasgow

The Kando Bar, Ayr

G Funk, Ayr

KIngs of Macuba G Funk flier

The Arches, Glasgow:

This video is also from the Arches where we played our 6/8 tune accompanied by a piper. T’was braw!

We started to create a bit of a stir, it was awesome watching the club revellers shimmy their shake and dance their socks off. In samba music, the whole band play ‘breaks’ – that’s a break in the original groove, that everyone plays either in unison or in specific arrangement. I’m not very musical or technical so my description here probably doesn’t cover what it actually IS, but it’s similar to a ‘build-up’ in a dance song. Breaks sound cool, I definitely didn’t appreciate them fully until I got the full effect of them in a club, or in a proper party situation where every one has left their inhibitions at home, dancing to what they feel rather than what the think they should be doing. The power and energy that comes from something so simple! It blows me away!

Timing is everything with the breaks… they sound awesome if everyone comes in bang on time, there really is not a lot of room for error as the whole thing drags. The aim is a clean sounding different pattern or groove. The untrained ears are oblivious and carry on dancing regardless, but we knew if it wasnt right, and if you knew that it was you who was out of time… well, that wasn’t a good feeling and often a source of frustration afterwards.

We started a Bebo and MySpace page. We were invited to take parts in all sorts of open days, fetes, parades and festivals.

When we mastered a couple of our tunes we wanted to learn more and play more complex grooves. We decided to arrange a workshop in Italy exclusively for us, with the help of Raz from One Voice Music (website can be found HERE) and Artemesia Holidays. Raz was the instructor from the very first workshop that Shaun and Marco went to, the sole reason Kings of Macumba came into being!

How could we all afford to go to Italy for a week, and pay for a tutor from the UK to come with us? WE BUSKED!!

We busked every weekend, no matter how many people could make it. We braved the cold and entertained the good people of Glasgow in Buchanan Street week on week. On a good day we could make up to £400!

I love people watching, needless to say I loved looking at the crowds of people who would stop and watch us. It’s amazing how many people looked like they wanted to dance, but the reality of where they are stopped them. Except from kids, and a few other people. Brazilian people would always dance, and stay to chat with us afterwards. I think its impossible to listen to samba and not move your feet! Even just a toe tap – you need to do SOMETHING!

It’s weird to think how many people must have pictures and videos of us! Our youngest member was also hounded for hugs from the ladies. Ah the joys of being good-looking!

The next two photos are my personal favourite from our busking adventures. I had such a good time with the folks in our wee mini bloco.

KoM busking front pictureKings of Macumba busking back

From Left to Right:

Omar, Michelle, Dom, Foo, Abe, Lisa (me) Shaun, Marco, Rodgie, James

Apologies that this post is so long – I had a pre-planned plan for showcasing our work, but alas, I ramble.

I haven’t even mentioned the festivals, or shown you any of the parades.

Or photos from Italy!!

Next time 🙂

Love and samba,

LT x


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