Finding my voice

I havent blogged anything for a while as I had The Fear.

I have been badgering on about my blog for a few months, being a pain and asking one of my besto’s if she had read it every time I saw her, only to be disappointed when she said ‘No’.

I was over the moon when I asked her and she said, ‘Yes’.  She then offered more input and opined that ‘I didnt really sound like me’. Reallllly? This one statement puggled my brain, and threw me into Thinking Overdrive. She continued by asking me if I was writing for me, or for the people who read my blog.

Well, I started my blog as I like to write, and it’s good to have an output if something captures my imagination. I also like to read the things that I have written at a later stage, to smile at memories, daftness and accomplishments. But then again I DO get a warm squishy feeling inside when someone interacts with me, be it a Like, a Follow or a Comment.

Do I offer my readers anything? Well, no. I’m not providing any advice, or a consistent theme of thoughts on a particular subject. I don’t even write to the best of my ability, I write short sharp punches of words to minimalistically convey what I’m trying to say, and most of what I’m trying to say is nonsense and not very topical or thought-provoking. When I look back over it a few months later (when I’ve forgotten the subject matter) I smile. So surely then, its worth it.

I enjoy reading other peoples blogs, as much as I enjoy writing on mine. The blogs I enjoy the most are the ones that let you get a glimpse into the life of someone, even if they have a topical blog that provides information. One I like in particular follows a theme, where once a week the blogger uploads a few pictures of her week. I can’t copy her style though, as that’s what she does, and it’s just not my own idea.

I think I’ve yet to find my blogging voice. I also think that I wont find it by having the fear and not blogging at all. Which is why THIS post came into being.

Here are a couple of pictures from Bonfire night, before I dropped and broke my camera.


LT x

Utopia FireworkSparkler


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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