Crochet Corner aka The Howff Hookers!

I was taught how to crochet by a friend in a cafe in Dennistoun, Glasgow. Urban Crochet was set up to get people with a love all things woolly together, and to inspire others to get into it. The founding member of the group, Rhona, has the patience of a saint, and taught a few Paisley people how to crochet within one sitting! That is no mean feat!!

Unfortunately due to logistics I have been unable to make it to Glasgow that often to meet up with the group, but still love all things woolly. I decided to start-up a wee group in Paisley. The idea is not to steal the thunder of Urban Crochet, but compliment it and share the love and knowledge that was kindly shared to me.

The chosen venue is my local pub, mostly because I spoke to a woman in there who also loves to crochet, but also because it’s a pub, not a cafe and has a pretty good corner to accommodate us. Two weeks ago, Crochet Corner was born.

Heather and Maria crochetingPatricia crochetingEleven people turned up, some who could already crochet, and others who couldn’t. I’m very pleased to say that by the end of the night EVERYONE could make a chain and work a basic stitch!


I didn’t take a project along with me as I thought it would be a good idea to do what the beginners were doing, but truth be told they picked it up pretty quickly and I could have worked away on anything. I feel at this point I should explain that I didn’t teach all of the novices… far from it! I showed one person, Patricia helped another while Heather amazingly taught a left handed person how to do it! Good, huh?

Lorraines crochetWe’ve decided to make it a regular meet up, but not too often so it becomes a chore. Once a month sounds about right.

I can’t believe how excited I was the day of our first meet up! I was very impressed with the turn out, and hope that we keep it up.

Crochet Corner in the Howff. That makes us the Howff Hookers.



Who said crochet can’t be trendy?

Happy hooking,

LT x


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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  2. I love crocheting… 🙂

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