Leonid Garden Party 2012

Tonight is a great night to turn your head towards the sky, you will have even more chance than normal to catch a shooting star.

Tonight/tomorrow am ( 03.00am GMT 17th November 2012) the Leonid Meteor Shower is due to peak.

leonid-meteor 1966 ArizonaThis picture was taken in Arizona in 1966 when this meteor shower displayed around 2300 shooting stars PER HOUR!!

The Meteor Shower happens every year as the Earth passes through a cloudy area in space that is full of ‘dust’ from the trail of the Temple-Tuttle Comet. Apparently some of the dust particles are tiny – like actual specs of dust!

The Leonid Meteor shower produces fewer shooting stars than the Perseid Shower that happens in August, but they are more luminous and far brighter.

My favourite star experience ever was on November 17th 1998. It was the night before i moved to Paisley, and my ex boyfriend threw stones at my window, waking me up to see the shower. I have never seen anything that rivals it. I saw loads of shooting stars, without even trying. Looking up was enough. I wanted to chap everyone’s door and tell them to get up, come on and check this out!! It was beautiful. It was the last beautiful experience that I shared with that boyfriend, and seems like an apt night to remember leaving Troon.

I used trusty ‘Google; to investigate that night, and apparently there was 500 stars an hour. Wowsers!

I hope that the sky puts on a show for us tonight. I’m going back to Troon for a Garden Party at my brothers. I’m taking my telescope and spotting scope, not for the meteor shower, just for exploring the rest of the sky. The moon phase for today is Waxing Crescent, meaning that there wont be much moon to see, but similarly there wont be much moonlight to obscure the rest of the sky. I think we’ll explore the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) and Orion’s Nebula.

pleaides blueThey are both good to look at through binoculars, and i havent really had a good look with my new ‘scope.

I’m fair excited, my family bought me the telescope for my birthday, so it’s about time I took it out for them to have a wee shot.

gazebos, friends, family, bonfire, telescope… what more can you ask for?

Clear skies!!! Please, please, please let it be a clear night.

Oh, I nearly forgot RUM!!

I love that wee song, I first heard it on Argyle FM when canpervanning with Schmerc 🙂 For some reason videos dont embed themselevs in my blog. And advice on this would be appreciated.

*Photo 1 was taken from How Stuff Works and Photo 2 was from Crystal Links*

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