Here’s to good health :)

Daily Prompt
Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

I stay in the UK and count myself very lucky that we as a nation are supported by the National Health Service (NHS). We get free health care, and subsidised medication. I’m even luckier – I stay in Scotland so all of our prescriptions are free.

I hear lots of people moan about our health service, mostly in relation to waiting times for things. So sometimes we have to wait for procedures that aren’t life threatening, not 100% convenient, but come on guys….

My personal experiences have been nothing but positive. My friend was diagnosed with cancer and received timely treatment, lots of medication and underwent surgery to remove one of her lungs on the NHS.  She is now fighting fit, healthy, and alive to tell the tale. (Not solely because of her hospital treatment; she did dabble in a lot of alternative therapies so who knows….) When my boyfriend was stabbed he was rushed to Accident & Emergency, spent some time in an Intensive Care Unit before settling in his own room for the rest of his hospital stay. He too is now fighting fit, healthy and alive to tell the tale.

HeartbeatWe pay National Insurance contributions from our wages which funds things like our NHS and future pensions. Would I not like extra money in my back burner every month? Sure, but I’d much rather have the assurance that when I get ill or injured I will be treated.

I could go private and pay extra every month if I wanted a better service. The reason its ‘better’ as its funded by rich people, for rich people. You get faster access to treatments and the actual venues may look a lot nicer. That’s because they don’t have the burden of a nation on them. I certainly don’t mind paying national insurance if it means that everyone, including those worse off than me have access to treatment. You can’t choose to be ill when you’re feeling affluent.

I’m quite ignorant on the subject and don’t know the political reasons why some countries do or don’t have a national service, and I don’t really understand the implications on government systems so sorry if my post seems a bit blinkered!

To sum up, I feel very lucky that we do have a health service. I wish that all countries had the same infrastructure as us. It grinds my goat when people moan about it as there are other people who don’t have one, and even worse –  there are lots of societies that have limited access to any medical resource at all. In the UK, our NHS staff work hard every day, for what sometimes may seem a thankless job. Some people in the Joe Public think they are somehow owed MORE.

We have it good as is.

Lets not forget that.

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9 Responses to Here’s to good health :)

  1. diggingher says:

    Equal access is fair. Healthcare is not free however you pay for it in taxes.

    • misselletea says:

      Our National Insurance payment is effectively another tax, disguised in another name. I certainly don’t mind paying it monthly as it comes off my wages automatically so I don’t get a chance to miss it, and it gives me seemingly ‘free’ access when I need it.

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  3. Amen! Everyone has the right to access quality medical care if needed. Sure it costs money. A federal tax is one way to generate those funds. However, here in the good old USA, we do not yet have such a fair system. Insurance rates and the cost of meds are crazy high; those who don’t have insurance – for whatever reason – do without usually go to an emergency room where doctors are required by law to treat. The costs for these visits is unnecessarily high and passed on to everyone else through the medical/insurance rate system. If we had better overall care and preventative care, so much of this could be avoided. I am hopeful that our “new” federal care plan will help as this is not a political thing or a rich versus poor thing. This is a human thing and a healthier populace benefits all.

    • misselletea says:

      Excuse my ignorance, I didnt even know that you had an Emergency room for treating people without insurance. That’s good to know, but it definitely doesn’t sound like a viable, cost effective way to move forward. It seems particularly strange as the cost of this is absorbed via other people in the long run – a long way for a short cut? Preventative measures coupled with a holsitic approach to good health definitely does make more sense. I hope your new care plan delivers!

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