From zero to hero – meet Billy!

I really really REALLY wanted a sewing machine. I was lucky enough to source one from my friends mum who is no longer able to use it, and my plan was to make extreme use of it.

This was around 2 years ago!

I wanted to make my nephew a teddy bear from old pillow cases, and when I realised I couldn’t sew curves I gave up and made him a  crochet monkey instead.

I found the original pillow case on Friday, with my pattern drawn on in black marker. In November of 2011 I worked on the wee guys face before giving up, so I had a teddy drawn on a pillow case with a face, nothing else. Hmm, I should finish him, and if it turns out THAT bad put it in the bin, and at least it’s not lying about my Doing Stuff Room.

I quickly ran the machine around my pattern, trying my best to stay within the lines and work the curves and corners as best I could. I nearly forgot to leave a hole for stuffing! I found the stuffing part really hard as I hadn’t thought about my positioning properly, and had to turn his body inside out by poking all of his body through his tiny wee neck hole, as well as the stuffing. I quickly ran the machine over the corner of his ear (where I left the stuffing hole) and voila! He was finished!

Billy the Bear

Absolutely imperfect! You can still see some black marker, and some pulls in the corners. Yet… he is so cute! I looked at him all night long. Aw, what a wee guy! I’ve created a little dood, and when you look at him and touch him, you would be forgiven for thinking he has a soul. I’m SURE he does!

(Yes, I think I have a problem too…)

I took him to my friend’s birthday shin-dig the next day, and he was admired for his gammy ways by all of my friends, especially by the birthday girls son, Robin. I named him Billy, and (reluctantly) gave him to Robin the next day.

I learned a new lesson on Friday night

When creating something, just keep going! It will work out ok!

It didn’t take me long at all to finish Billy , probably because I wasn’t taking that much care, as I thought he was going to be rubbish. Imagine what the end result would have been like if I put my mind to it, and believed in myself? I wouldn’t actually change him for the world, but I have regained faith and excitement for creating, and can’t wait to try something else!

On an unrelated note, I created a time-lapse video of my friend’s birthday dinner. How cute is Robin? (The wee boy in the cowboy hat).

About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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7 Responses to From zero to hero – meet Billy!

  1. Ray's Mom says:

    Your little ‘Billy’ turned our great for a first try. Experience is a dear teacher, my mother always said.

  2. misselletea says:

    Thank you! I was happily surprised, and I completely agree with your mother’s quote. I cant believe it took me so long to try in the first place though…

  3. This is pure awesome!! Love the ted & the time lapse video!! I wish I was clever enough to figure out video editing (it’s been on my to do list since I was 13…..HAHA 17 years!!)

  4. kansamuse says:

    It came out very cute. Practice is when sewing requires .

  5. fluffmum says:

    He’s gorgeous & Robin will love him to bits!!

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