Organised by Nature

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity? 

I’m an organised kind of gal. I love the occasions when I throw caution to the wind, and let what will be, Be. Like being on holiday….LOVE!!

Over the years my circle of friends has grown, and we hang out together often. Small weekend holidays or girly sleepovers – a lot of our events are organised over Facebook. Everyone has really good intentions, with lots of ideas and possibilities floating about. I don’t mean to, but I often end up taking the reigns and making specifics. It’s not that I mean to, its that I kind of  NEED to. I get a bit worried and anxious about my role and responsibilities if they aren’t defined, and to define my own it usually means taking charge. With the help of one or two people we can normally make a pretty good game plan. It works well, as lots of my friends prefer to be told exactly what to do, where to be and what to bring. I think that’s why we all work so well together!

Last weekend 16 of us went to stay in a bunk house. We spent a couple of weeks with idle food chat on facebook, and Michelle said she’d bring breakfast. There was a few ‘just tell me what to do’s’ as normal.

Lets sort this out! Michelle, its YOUR birthday, you can’t bring breakfast for everyone!

We devised a list:

  • Me: Stew for dinner
  • Gary: Veggie Curry
  • Pierre: Bread
  • Michelle: Black Pudding
  • Kaia: Eggs
  • Etc
  • Etc

The people who weren’t designated with a specific item were the people who brought munchies. El perfecto!

It made life a lot easier, relieved some pressure, eliminated a lot of waste… and made my brain sigh with relief.

Sometimes in my life when I feel a bit out of sorts, like I need to reground and recharge my batteries I have a couple of go to remedies that work a treat.

One is to visit my family. Although the weekend can be tiring, I come home full of love, smiles and great stories (mostly re-telling conversations I had with my nieces and nephews – COMEDY GENUIS!!)

The second remedy is tidying. I go into my Doing Stuff room, open up boxes of my things, look at them, rearrange them, put them back… basically just potter about and tidy up. I like looking at my things and thinking about the things that I could do with my things ( I don’t really do much DOING in there to be honest), but the whole act is something that I love.

The act of tidying, organising and arranging declutters my mind from useless crap and fills it full of stuff that inspires me (obviously not enough to DO more…) but I hope you get the idea!


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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7 Responses to Organised by Nature

  1. Colin DeWaay says:

    It’s funny my wife is a big time planner and I’m totally a go with the flow kind of guy. But she would even admit that I’m way more organized than she is. 🙂

    • misselletea says:

      My boyfriend is similar, he doesn’t really plan anything yet EVERYTHING always works out ok. He never seems phased my upcoming events, where as I spend ages trying to work out how it will all work out!

      • Colin DeWaay says:

        I think it’s good to have that balance in a relationship! We balance each other out. 🙂

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  3. fluffmum says:

    Someone always need to take charge & you’re the best one for it! You don’t annoy anyone or push wrong buttons! So everyone feels like you’re asking rather than herding!! Is better that way!! 🙂 X

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I’m an organised person – I relate to that. I’m not ‘thrown’ by spontaneity, and have indulged, but mostly I like things laid out, in order and ready to go.

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