A magical menagerie

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you?

I know lots of people who own cats. 99% of these people refer to themselves as a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’. Cats are addictive. That’s what they do,  capture your heart and give you so much love and affection it is often unbelievable to ‘non believers’. Dog people appreciate the undying and unrelenting affection shown from dogs, and often don’t see the point in having to work hard with a cat.

You don’t really have to work hard. Once a cat knows you, you’re in! They don’t always want cuddles, and might not want to play all of the time… that’s not a bad point, that shows their individual personalities, and when they DO want cuddles or to play.. it’s simply awesome! They are also very loyal.


DominoeDominoe will be 15 this year, and is totally amazing. She is super affectionate and loves to rub faces.

She had some teeth removed at the vets a few years ago due to problem gums, so you often catch her with her tongue sticking right out, or her lips poised in a funny way.

She is super perceptive, I’ve connected with this cat on a completely different level.  Particularly if I returned home from a party tripping. She knew. She defininitely knew!

Some say she looks old, but to me she looks regal, and well and truly rules the roost at my gaff!


This is Luna, she’s only 2.

Luna is a funny wee cat, curious about everything. She follows us about everywhere and she is genuinely interested in EVERYTHING we do.

She loves a good cuddle, but it definitely needs to be on her terms; when she wants it. When she does though… awwww, she melts your heart! Luna is the one who nuzzles on her blanket, she’s so ridiculously cute!

I think the term ‘Scaredy Cat’ reflects Luna to a T. She is scared of everything, I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because Dominoe is the Old Boss and they rarely settle together. The only time Dominoe was nice to Luna was when Luna was injured from the Catastrophe.

Dominoe and Luna together as friends?

Aye right! Some people are blessed with cats who snuggle up together and do cute things… not me. They are independent of each other and mostly keep themselves to themselves, occasionally getting into wee cafuffles throughout the day.

I think they are both happy, they get lots of love and affection, and have a lot of space. They also both get their fair share of ‘me’ time. And Marco time.

They mean the world to me. I love love LOVE Them. Total awesomeness in two wee felines! I never feel alone in my house, because I never am 🙂


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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9 Responses to A magical menagerie

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  3. djmatticus says:

    Luna is a cutie! Oh my. Hooray for silly cat shenanigans.

  4. fluffmum says:

    Luna is a one of the best hot water bottles too!! Gives neko hime a run for her money!..

    • misselletea says:

      Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes…. he he he!!

      • fluffmum says:

        Lol… Away you go!! Hate that song with a passion, especially on continuous repeat first thing in the morning… Though Luna was very sweet in comforting me… Did I send you the pic of her snuggling?

      • misselletea says:

        Nup, I didn’t get that. I didn’t like the song until I watched the video and thought about how we could make a music video parody to it. I watched the video so much the song grew on me 😉

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