An unexpected call

You receive a call from someone an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

Stumbling about a field at the Wickerman Festival absolutely wrecked, when I hear my phone ring. Absolutely amazing that I could hear it ring, and even more amazing that I could fish it out of my shoulder bag and answer it in time.

‘He-llo?’ I answer, in my best ‘I’m totally sober but not really voice’

‘Hi, is that Lisa?’

‘Yep, it’s me’

‘Hi, my name is Andrew, I’m calling from XXXXXX, you recently entered a competition with us?’

I missed the company name, and tried to remember what competition I’d entered. Oh yeah! The competition from Chivas Regal! A trip for 3 to Brazil!!

‘Aw wow, that’s awesome, I love Brazil!’ I said back down the phone.

‘Hmm, Lisa? This isn’t a trip to Brazil, you’ve won a jacket!’

Aw rubbish! No trip to Brazil! It wasn’t even that competition! I can’t even remember how the rest of that conversation panned out but I’m sure the guy on the phone must have thought I was MENTAL, as safe to say I was inebriated, stoating about with a bottle in my hand, not making much sense.

I ended up losing my phone at that festival. And my friend’s phone, as his was in my bag. That I also lost.

It’s not all doom and gloom

I got my phone back! I phoned my service provider to put a block on the phone, and before the request was actioned I asked the operator to give me the last few numbers that were called from it. One of the numbers was a landline in Dumfries – near to the festival.

I phoned the number and made some enquiries, explaining how I had lost my phone at the festival and I know someone has been using it, hence how I got the number I’m calling now. The woman I spoke to told me her daughter had been at the festival, and that she must have my phone. I politely asked if she could arrange to return it to me, or I would have to get the police involved.

A few days later I received a parcel – my phone. Everything had been deleted from it. Whoever found it was certainly going to keep it for themselves, so I was lucky to get it back. More lucky than Shaun, his phone was gone for good.

I don’t think I even chipped in to help him get a replacement :/

wickerman festival 2007


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