It’s all the little things..

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.

I’m all about the little things in life. Small moments, silly stuff, quotes, fleeting conversations, banter, sweet nothings – they are all important, and make the bigger things in life so much easier to handle. Because I love the small things in my world that I love (yes, that was a confusing sentence….)  – I don’t overlook them, so I’m unable to see the woods from the trees here and assess if someone else overlooks them. I don’t THINK so.

My beau is forever doing lots of small stuff, that makes me squeal inside. I often proclaim, ‘How romantic!!’ or ‘See, that’s real romance right there!’ . I’m not a materialistic kind of girl, I swoon over the small actions he does on a daily basis without him even realising he’s doing them (unless I tell him). These little things don’t necessarily define our relationship, but they remind me of how lucky I am to have a super doper amazing hot guy who is intrinsically thoughtful and sweet.

Altogether now… awwwwwww. Shucks!

Three totally nailed it with this advertising campaign! 😉

About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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11 Responses to It’s all the little things..

  1. Ray's Mom says:

    Adorble pony video.

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  8. Bbots says:

    Speaking of the little things, I will have to pay more attention. Your blog is nothing like what I thought, maybe I even confused you with a different “MissLT”. I am glad I came and visited again though. This is a nice site. The background is perticularly cool! Thanks for visiting my site too, have a good weekend. 🙂

    • misselletea says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Its easy to get confused with blog content – I follow loads and sometimes don’t see posts from one person for ages… then when they come up in my reader its takes me a minute to remember.

      My background was created from a picture i found on the internet. I kind of want to change my theme but I’m scared of losing the background. ah well!


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