Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not

Sports player amaze me, I love how much determination they have and how much they push themselves to be the best, or at the very least play the best they can. I can honestly say that I am not that determined about anything in my life, imagine how much more productive I would be if I was! I’m not a MASSIVE fan, but I do enjoy watching some if I’ve put a wee flutter on or if its a special sporting event, like Wimbledon.

Every time a  player won a major qualifying game at Wimbledon I cried. Their elation was out of this world. The reaction from their friends and family, so much emotion. 

Andy Murray Wimbledon 2013

There was so much pressure on Andy Murray to win. The last time a Brit won the mans final at Wimbledon was 77 years ago, and the press were really bigging him up and wanting him to succeed. I’m sure he had his own reasons to want to win, but with a whole nation behind him I imagine it was hard work to stay focused and not lose sight of his goals.

How much emotion is in the photo above? He deserved to win this year.


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  6. Loved seeing Murray pull out the victory…Amazing tennis and the final games were so intense I felt my stomach churning, hoping with probably every citizen of the UK that this would be Murray’s year. The life of a pro player is extremely hard and takes total dedication: mind, body and spirit.

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