Customer service is the name of the game!

If you deal with a company and the transaction went smoothly, but it wasn’t exceptional, nothing happens. You move on, deal with the rest of your day and enjoy your purchase. If something goes wrong and you have to complain, that is equally OK if an acceptable resolution is found. If you experience bad customer service in the process, before the resolution has been found…it sucks. You tell everyone who will listen, and moan like mad.

I like it when it is flipped on its head. When you experience great customer service, I think you should tell people. For example, my local postman is the most jovial chap you could ever meet, and is so helpful. He often brings mail addressed to my home address to my work if its needs a signature. Over and above the call of duty. I phoned his work to make a ‘non-complaint’. I think his boss thought I was off my head, but credit where credit is due.

Today has been a good day for me. My friend, ‘American Kelly’ brought me an electronic game back from America and the second day I had it – it broke. Truth be told, we spilled wine on it. I emailed the company, who replied promptly and sent me a replacement game. It arrived today.

How freaking cool is that!? So, Hasbro. Today you are the source of my joy, and I thank you for taking care of your customers.

Hasbro Catchphrase

I sent them this reply, to share the love:

Good afternoon,

I’d like to confirm the arrival of my replacement product and thank you for your prompt resolution.
Good customer service gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, so thank you for that.
Kind regards,

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3 Responses to Customer service is the name of the game!

  1. lvsrao says:

    Customer Care as well as Customer’s prompt regards expressed are appreciated.

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