Lets build a community!

Community Service

Hello fellow community dwellers,

I moved to Paisley 13 years ago and one of the things I love the most about staying here is my feeling of belonging within the community. I love saying hello to William, the street cleaner. I love chatting to the guys in the pound shop. I love being asked by Taz or his dad to help them out by depositing their £400 in their bank for them as they can’t leave the shop during the busy period. I love receiving free pakora from an Indian Restaurant. I love seeing girls who were in my Brownies. I love being known in a local pub as ‘Carbonara Girl’. I love talking to George, the friendliest postman in the world. I love walking down the street, smiling and nodding at so many familiar, friendly faces.

Yup, I can safely say that I feel welcomed here, and I love the feeling of Community in my world. I say my world, as unfortunately it is evident that this feeling doesn’t resonate through everyone. There are still so many of you who don’t seem to want to take care of your surroundings. Littering, loitering, walking away from your dog pooping, shouting profanities at people in the street and generally not contributing positively to our shared  society. Is this because you feel excluded?

My advice to you is – join in!

Start small, smile at your neighbours. Say hello to people in the street. Keep your litter in your pocket until you find a bin. Participate in local activities. Join a club. Volunteer your time. Be open. Be receptive. Look around you and be aware of your locality, soaked deep in heritage. Visit the observatory. That’s right – it’s FREE!!

I hear so many people moan about the town, and utter words of how they think it’s shit hole. Is it really? Come on. I hope YOU don’t think that. Isn’t it weird how the people who have this negative attitude and think that it’s a ‘dive’ are the very same people who play a massive part in making it so?

I urge everyone to have a little more respect for our town, and work towards building a stronger community. Not for me, as my perception of MY Community is perfectly fine. It would be great however, if we could all work together and take pride in our surroundings and the people who live here, so that EVERYBODY can share in this feeling of belonging. Because if people don’t feel it in their home town, where will they feel it?

Yours, aspirationally,


CommunityI know I have posted the picture above before – but I just love it!



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30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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    Your picture say it all. Great!

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