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Little, and often

Write a little every day, That will be the only way. Starting today, the challenge begins Interesting to see if Productive Me wins. Advertisements

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The Joy of Partners

Whats that you say, partnerS? As in plural, as in more than one? Why, yes. I have several partners in my life and I’m grateful for them all. I have a selection of partners in crime. You know what I … Continue reading

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Obligatory ‘Why I haven’t blogged for a while post’

Every bloggers fear – The first post after a break from blogging! What to do? I could fill you in with every miniscule detail of  my life for the past few months, but I’ll refrain. I’m sure it will all … Continue reading

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Oh moving day, oh moving day!

You guessed it, I am moving house – this evening! Wish me luck…   🙂

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