A new year, a new perspective

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

Isn’t it funny how we wait until New Year to make resolutions, promising ourselves that we will live a more productive, rewarding, self less life. I guess it is the same as when you want to stop smoking, you are advised to set a date in the future that you can prepare for, and count down to.

How many times has this approach been taken, and how successful has it been? Setting a future date may help, but when you decide to do something with conviction, you don’t need to wait until a more suitable time. The most suitable time is NOW. In three months time you will wish you had started (whatever it is you wanted to start) – now, as you’ll be three months into it and closer to achieving your goal.

Still, I like to muse over the New Year and take some time to reflect on what I have achieved (or not) over the past year. A year seems as good a period as any to review.

2013 has been a good year for me. I felt as though my working life was a bit stagnant for a while, and I spent a lot of time moping about it. (I start my new job on Monday, yay!) Despite this feeling of searching for something else, a lot of positive things have happened, for which I am thankful.

I’m going to take a minute to count my blessings and the happy things of 2013.

  • I have finally started exercising regularly
  • I moved house recently with my beau, and still love it
  • I’ve had the means to practice my hobbies, like crocheting
  • I’m healthy, as are my friends
  • I’ve spent a lot of quality time with my family
  • I’ve socialised regularly, and also spent more time with people I don’t see that often
  • I have had get togethers that include a wider group of friends and made new one (always good!)
  • I enjoyed a holiday with my extended family in Sardinia
  • My friends graduated and my brother started up his own business

Next year I hope I can continue to grow as a person.

I want to be mindful of who I am, spending more time doing things that are good for my soul, and my body. I want to make time to catch up with the people that I care about, as sometimes this year I have felt ‘too busy’ (other times I’ve just been lazy), but every time I have caught up with people outside of my immediate circle I leave with a massive smile in my heart, and a deep rooted feeling of how big an impact that small action has on our lives – mine and theirs.

I want to keep on keeping on, striving for a better life while enjoying the one I have.

Does that make sense!?

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Crazy cat lady you say?

Think about something that drives you crazy. Now, think about something that makes you happy. Does it change your perspective on the former?

Short post from me today as I’m pushed for time, but the answer to the question above is YES!

A kind of relevant example comes from a few weeks ago when I was having a shit morning at work. It was super shit – I ended up crying at my boss, which is one the most inappropriate and unconstructive things you can ever do. I couldn’t shift my bleak outlook, nor could I get over the reason I was crying in the first place – I was still annoyed, frustrated, disengaged and angry.

I decided to watch a couple of cat videos on youtube, including this one:

It made me smile from the inside out. After skiving for about 15 minutes I had managed to reset myself back to ‘normal’. I had an objective look at my original grievance, changed my perspective, and realised that it wasn’t so bad. I then took myself upstairs to my boss’s office and apologised for crying, while calmly explaining why I had arrived at that state in the first place.

All because the cute little critters softened me I was able to change my perspective on a baf situation and be more reasonable. They sorted me out!

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Whits ‘at aw aboot?

Hats aff tae ye if ye can unnerstaun this!

Ah’ve goat the freedom to write whit ah want tae, as long as ah use ma locul dialect.

Weel, haur is th ‘hing. Ah’m no sure ah really huv one. Fair enough, ah don’t pronounce the T in beautaffal the way ah should, but itherwise ah dot ma I’s an’ cross ma T’s. Hing on! Ah do pronounce the T! Its th’ bit efter that ah don’t really dae richt. Instead of saying, beauT-Tee-ful, ah hink ah say beut-A-ffal. Mental!

Imagine that ah soon’it mair Scottish than ah’m actually ur. I wid soon’ a bit like ‘this. An’ it’s weird, cause naebody pure talks li’ this AW the time. That wid be toatelly stupit. Onyway’s ah’m a bit crabbit the day, so ah’m gonnae shoot aff fur noo and let ye get oan wi yer day.

I hope ye have a braw yin.

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Good things come to those who wait…

Do they? Do they really?

I’m not 100% convinced, as some of the most fulfilled people I know have grabbed life by the goolies, opened themselves up to lots of new experiences and dipped toes through doors of opportunities. I know that isn’t how ALL of the magic happens; sometimes hard-work and perseverance are the main culprits needed to achieve positive momentum.

For a while there I felt like my life was on hold. I was still enjoying myself, going to the gym, crocheting, etc, but I had this weird feeling of everything else moving forward except from me. I half heartedly looked for new jobs, didn’t apply for most of them and then moaned about not having found a new job. I offered myself to volunteer with my local authority in a children’s residential unit. I was accepted, but due to internal shufflings they still haven’t sorted out a place for me. Basically, despite being semi receptive to change, and really REALLY wanting it – my life was a bit on hold.


In the past 2 months my beau and I have moved into a new flat and I’m going to be starting a new job in 2 1/2 weeks! Where this burst of life changes came from, I don’t really know, But I LOVE it. I love our new pad. We hadn’t been seriously thinking of moving for long, it just sort of happened. I’m glad it did, the new place felt like home immediately, and everything about it just seems to suit us. Swoon!

As for the new job… well, it isn’t the amazing career change that I had been after, but it IS a change. I had an informal chat with two people who were looking for someone, and amazingly we hit it off really well. I’ll still be working in marketing, but for a different industry. The two people who own the company managed to enthuse and inspire me within a few minutes of our chat. It really is refreshing to meet people who are so passionate about something (even if it isn’t an art) and so ambitious. Right now I’m not feeling as though Marketing is another means of selling your soul to the devil, I’m actually really excited about new challenges and being in a position where I’m engaging my brain.

The worst thing to have happened in the past few weeks is the fact that I’ve lost my gym mojo. I had been to at least 3 classes per week for 11 weeks in a row (it was closer to 4), and then I moved house. I was totally absorbed in other stuff, and I still kind of am. I have reset my goal and I’m trying to find the motivation that helped me get so into my mini challenge before. I think the junk food that I have been eating has hidden it!

Ah well, one step at a time!

Thanks for listening/reading. I’m glad that I have been able to share my news and also get the obligatory Catch Up post out of the way, so normal blogging activities can resume.


Living room picture

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