The Joy of Partners

Whats that you say, partnerS? As in plural, as in more than one? Why, yes. I have several partners in my life and I’m grateful for them all.

I have a selection of partners in crime. You know what I mean, a friend who is up for the same thing that you are, at the same time, and generally enthused with whatever adventure you are about to embark on. I salute these friends, for most of my happy memories happened with a partner in crime to witness and add to the scene.

I personally notice it when I don’t have a partner in crime. For about a year I repeatedly asked my beau to come to the gym with me, as I had no gym buddy. None of my regular friends were up for it, and the only one who was for a brief month or so fell pregnant again and was out of action. This left me sauntering off to gym classes by myself wishing I had someone to come with me. I mentioned a thing called Parkrun to my besto over the Christmas holidays and she was up for it. Yay! A partner in crime to start a new hobby!

We had grand plans. Every Saturday morning we would go to our local Parkrun. Even if we walked the 5k rather than run it, we thought the act of getting up, out and active would be better than not getting out at all. As it turned out, I fell in love with Parkrun. My friend didn’t, and she fell by the wayside, and decided it wasn’t for her.  I’m not even sure why, but I had been messaging another friend the first night my Besto cancelled, and asked him if he fancied trying Parkrun the next day. He did, and asked me if I fancied yoga at his gym afterwards. I did.

And that was how it started. I quit my gym because the yoga teacher at his gym is sooooo good, and we started running and yoga-ing regularly. We have evolved from our humble beginning as two gym partners, and now have a merry throng of 4! I went from being Lonely Lisa looking for a gym pal, to having a selection of friends who are up for a run or gym session. And my beau has even come out running with me occasionally. Awesome. I now have several gym partners.

When I was younger I use to crave company and would spend every night out with friends, on the phone, etc. Now I’m a little bit older, I have become more comfortable in my own presence and really do enjoy and benefit from my own space. It is in the quiet moments alone that some of the magic happens in my head, and i can explore my own interests, swot up on things, etc, etc. Going solo isn’t as bad as I once thought.

But, never underestimate the power of partners!

My partner, PARTNER, my beau.. is my most favourite parner. We give, we take. We annoy, we comfort. We support and we encourage. We piss each other off, and we laugh. We sing and we dance.

My best love story EVER, is from when my Granpa died. I was really upset at the thought of people not singing properly at his funeral, so I listened to one of his funeral songs repeatedly on Youtube, so that I would know how it goes. My beau watched this, and listened with me. During the funeral, he belted the song out. He really, really went for it,  rather than the solemn mumble of hymns you typically hear at funerals.

It probably doesn’t sound very romantic to anyone else, yet to me, it captures the very essence of how amazing he is. And this is the partnership I am most thankful for.




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A quick update…in photos



In love with my beua

In love with my beau

Hanging out with friends

Hanging out with friends

Trips from home

Trips from home

Fancy dress parties

Fancy Dress Fun

Summer fun and barbeques

Summer fun and barbeques

New (old) furniture

New (old) furniture

Family funtimes

Family funtimes

New Job! Selling turf and plants.

New Job! Selling turf and plants.

Furry Felines

Furry Felines

There we have it. A short post, with a quick round up of the going on’s of LT.

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Obligatory ‘Why I haven’t blogged for a while post’

Every bloggers fear –

The first post after a break from blogging!

What to do? I could fill you in with every miniscule detail of  my life for the past few months, but I’ll refrain. I’m sure it will all unravel in the following posts any way, so I’ll save it for then.

In the meantime a quick ‘hello, I’m still here!’ coupled with ‘I’ve missed reading your awesome blogs’ will suffice.

Let the normal blogging activities resume.



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Must not cry, must not cry, must not freaking cry!!

People are afraid of all kinds of things: spiders, the dark, or being enclosed in small spaces. Tell us about your greatest fear — rational or irrational.

Right now, I am totally worried about crying tomorrow. That is my current Fear.

I normally love crying, I actually pride myself on my ability to empathise with people and feel secretly pleased that I’m so emotional – (I work, yay!)

Tomorrow is different though.

Tomorrow is my last day at work in my current job, and I’ll have to say by to everyone. I’ve been here for almost 8 years, so I will feel sad and emotional, even though I’m making the move that I’ve wanted for a while. Venturing onto pastures new and being excited about the future doesn’t automatically overwrite the fact that I’m leaving somewhere that I have been used to for some time.

The thing about crying tomorrow is… I work with a bunch of guys! The only thing that can be worse then me crying is the awkwardness that will follow as no one will know how to react, and we’ll all just be feeling a bit weirded out and uncomfortable for a while.

I have thought about it and come up with two possible options:

  1. Watch sad stuff tonight, with a view to releasing lots of emotion in advance so that I’m all cried out by the time tomorrow evening comes.
  2. Before I actually say bye to everyone  watch ten minutes worth of cute/funny kitten videos, hoping that the overdose on cuteness will give me enough positive vibes to last through the good-byes.

Hmmm, I think I’m onto plums. I could try both of my theories above, but the reality of it is, I’ll still cry as I’m a big soft sap!

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